Screen Time For Kids Under 2 Linked To Sensory Differences

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( – For children under the age of 2, sensory differences can be linked to the amount of screen time they have been exposed to.

There was a recent study done on children under 2 years old and their sensory effects after being exposed to screen time. This study was done using information from 2014 so it’s only done on the effects of television time and not necessarily phone or tablet screen time.

The study found that children who watched any television by the age of one year were twice as likely to experience abnormal sensory processing by the age of 3 years. After 18 months of age, every hour of screen time per day increases the chances of the child experiencing abnormal sensory effects.

The study consisted of 1,500 caregivers and parents who took a survey regarding their child’s sensory preferences including what they enjoy, what they tend to avoid, and how they react to light, textures, and noises. The study was done at Drexel University, and it helps to confirm previous research that watching television could affect the way that children speak, hear, feel, and think.

A study that was done last year, before this one, said that screen time for one-year-olds was associated with developmental delays like problem-solving and communication problems as they reach toddlerhood. This is a claim that many have heard previously.

These sensory issues can be anything from how things feel to the child to how they feel when interacting with something. For example, it could be how clothes feel on the children’s bodies, how they react to being around bright lights, or how they react to loud sounds.

These sensory issues can be on a vast spectrum from slightly affecting the child’s day to being a full disruption to their day-to-day activities. Sensory issues can be had on their own without any other underlying issues but they are also quite common for children who have been diagnosed with ADHD or OCD.

The American Academy for Pediatrics, at the moment, recommends no screen time for children under two years old and they recommend a one-hour limit per day for children ages two to five. With this being said, research shows that children under five years old are watching more television than the recommended amount. This is most likely due to the usage of phones and tablets in the household and children being exposed to them early on and frequently.

Drexel University also said that it cannot comment on the effects of screen time on conditions like ADHD or Autism and that its studies do not confirm or disprove if these are linked together.

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