Second Amendment Saves Family

Second Amendment Saves Family

( – The Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment to ensure our nation’s citizens could protect themselves from foreign or domestic threats. On August 9, a Florida homeowner used these rights to protect his family.

A woman recently left her husband, Ronald Fleet, and was filing for divorce. She was staying with her family when the enraged Fleet kicked in the door. The intruder fired one round of his .380 caliber handgun at the homeowner, whose name was not disclosed, then retreated. The aggressive trespasser charged into the house a second time, in which the homeowner returned fire, killing Fleet.

Fleet’s record shows an arrest in 2011 for domestic battery. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco commented on the incident, saying “Any loss of life is tragic, but the victim was utilizing his Second Amendment right to protect himself and his family from the fear of Ronald.”

This Florida homeowner, and the rest of his family in the house, are grateful for the right to protect themselves in this country. By enacting his Second Amendment rights, this brave citizen kept his family safe for another day.

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