Secret Documents Revealed US Army “Lied” About Rogue Mission

Secret Documents Revealed US Army

( – Four US Army soldiers died due to an ambush on October 4, 2017. The Pentagon claims the four soldiers went on a rogue mission to capture or kill a leader of ISIS. A new documentary released on Veteran’s Day alleges a wholly different series of events took place that night.

The ABC News documentary on Hulu includes interviews with the families of the fallen soldiers who claim the Pentagon’s account had several inconsistencies from the beginning. For example, the Pentagon informed the Wright family that a mortar fire killed Dustin Wright, but Wright’s brother noted that it was clearly small arms fire that killed the soldier.

General Thomas D. Waldhauser, former head of US Africa Command, stated at the time that the four men claimed to be running reconnaissance but instead went rogue. However, documents detailed in the documentary, “3212 Un-Redacted,” seem to shed light on a totally different scenario.

Army officials claim the ambush occurred when the squad was on its way back to base after failing to capture or kill an ISIS subcommander named Doudou Chefou. Four Army soldiers died in the attack. But even a redacted report from AFRICOM shows the squad was heading back to base when it received orders to head in the direction of a cell phone signal they believed belonged to Chefou.

3212’s captain, Mike Perozeni, is on record arguing against the new objective. His commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel David Painter, ultimately overruled him and insisted 3212 follow the orders.

The Pentagon claims the squad went rogue, while the documentary shows alleged evidence that the soldiers were obeying orders. If the sources are accurate, then military officials have attempted to cover their tracks and dodge responsibility for the deaths of the four men.

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