Secret OPERATION In Florida – Researchers Find Something!

A Secret Operation Shakes Up FL Residence

A Secret Operation Shakes Up FL Residence

( – Residents in central Florida who weren’t already up at 5 a.m. on November 12 likely woke to sonic booms erupting and flashes lighting up the sky. Some residents weren’t sure what was happening. Many speculated the possibility of UFOs, while others thought they were in the middle of a meteor strike.

Some residents in the area claimed several sonic booms, which a local news station said could be heard from Kissimmee to Titusville, shook their homes. However, they didn’t expect it to be a Space Force craft landing near Cape Canaveral.

According to a statement from the United States Space Force, the flashes and sonic booms were the result of the X-37B, an unmanned reusable spacecraft, deorbiting and landing at NASA’s Shuttle Landing Facility in the Kennedy Space Center. The military aircraft, measuring 30-feet long, spent 908 days orbiting the Earth, breaking its previous record of 790 days.

USA Today noted the Department of Defense has largely kept the craft’s purpose under close wraps. The agency did indicate the ship has helped in NASA investigations, served in the conducting of science experiments, and hosted military research payloads.

The X-37B gained its claim to fame after launching in 2010 thanks to its unprecedented ability to stay in orbit for years at a time and conceal position changes while doing so. The secrecy that surrounds the spacecraft has been a main attraction.

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