Secret Service Responds To Hunter Biden’s Pic Leaks

Secret Service Responds To Hunter Biden's Pic Leaks

Secret Services Opens Up After Hunter’s Dirty Laundry Leaks

( – Hunter Biden has been a figure of controversy since before his father took the oath of office in January 2021. Most notably, a computer repair shop found the younger Biden’s abandoned laptop in its inventory, which allegedly contained explicit content of him performing illegal activities. Once again, Biden is in hot water as 4chan users claim they hacked his iCloud account and released what was on it. To make matters worse, the Secret Service has gotten involved, confirming they know about the apparent leak.

The Secret Service claimed they were aware of what was happening, but the agency refused to give any details about a potential investigation. The leak contains videos, messages, and photos, one of which shows the younger Biden weighing crack on a scale while talking to a prostitute. Some texts expose the president, who’s been pushing for gun control, owned five firearms in 2019.

The Washington Examiner noted in its report on the apparent hack job that much of the content on Biden’s iCloud was also part of the laptop leak. The media group also revealed that Konstantinos “Gus” Dimitrelos, a former member of the Secret Service and a cyber forensic expert, claimed the iCloud contents were real and belonged to the younger Biden. How will this revelation impact the president and his family?

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