Secret Service Reveals How They Allegedly Helped Stop a King

Secret Service Reveals How They Allegedly Helped Stop a King

( – In America, the Secret Service plays a vital role in protecting the President. They also conduct criminal investigations and ensure the safety of visiting dignitaries or leaders. Spain’s National Intelligence Center (CNI) functions in much the same way — with one bizarre additional responsibility.

The Times recently reported on a blackmail case in Spain involving a man by the name of Jose Manuel Villarejo who made sensational claims about the former King. Villarejo claims the foreign country’s CNI medically castrated Carlos with testosterone blockers and female hormones during his reign.

The problem? It seems Carlos suffered from a case of extreme libido. In fact, the issue was so severe, he likely qualified for a diagnosis of sex addiction.

A book titled “Juan Carlos: The King Of 5,000 Lovers” by Amadeo Martinex Ingles allegedly details the former leader’s many sordid affairs. In Juan Carlos’ 83 years, he dabbled with an astonishing 5000 sexual partners in addition to his wife. The contentious book corroborates Villarejos’ claims that the CNI drugged the monarch to lessen his passionate nature.

Juan Carlos now lives in exile in Abu Dhabi. According to news sources, his self-enforced banishment came after Swiss prosecutors investigated the ex-royal for hiding bank accounts in known tax havens.

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