Senate Broke Gridlock To Pass Latest Gun Legislation

Senate Broke Gridlock To Pass Latest Gun Legislation

Senate Reaches RARE Agreement – The Vote Passes

( – Recent shootings in New York and Texas have led to a bipartisan effort to pass gun legislation. Historically, Republicans and Democrats have been split on firearms. However, after the House passed a bill that many lawmakers thought would die in the Senate, several members of the GOP joined Democrats and passed the bill.

The two opposing parties rarely agree on much, but the recent passage of the legislation breaks three decades of either side budging on the issue. Following the shootings, many Democrats urged their colleagues to quickly introduce a bill in an effort to expose Republicans resistant to expanding universal background checks or banning “assault” weapons.

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) had a different plan; he would introduce legislation in collaboration with Republicans to ensure it would get the 60 votes needed to break through the filibuster. According to The Hill, Murphy had seven other senators, four Democrats and three Republicans, join him in his office; an eighth senator, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, joined the meeting via phone to discuss the creation of the new legislation.

The plan worked, and the bill garnished enough Republican support to overcome the filibuster. It’s been 30 years in the making, but there’s finally been a bipartisan effort to address the issues leading to gun violence, namely mental health and background checks.

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