Senior Judges Will Review Prison Sentence of 5 Notorious Killers on the Same Day

Senior Judges Will Review Prison Sentence of 5 Notorious Killers on the Same Day

Could These 5 MURDERERS Get Off Easy? – Danger of Lighter Sentences Ahead!

( – It’s common for people serving long sentences in prison to appeal their sentences in an attempt to have a judge reduce the amount of time they must serve. However, it is rare that judges of the same court hear several of these cases in a single day. On May 4, they reviewed five of them.

A Sentence Well Deserved?

One of the five killers the high court heard from was Wayne Couzens, a former cop, who raped and murdered 33-year-old Sarah Everard. His attorney, Jim Sturman, admitted that his client did deserve to spend decades of his life behind bars, but also asserted to the court that the ex-public servant didn’t merit a whole-life sentence, which requires that he spend eternity in prison. The Daily Mail reported this was the first time a whole-life sentence was used as punishment for a single murder.

Sturman mentioned that Couzens has come to terms with what he did, admitting his crimes were horrible. The attorney said they would accept a decades-long sentence but declared the current punishment was extreme. Sturman noted his guilty pleas and remorse should be enough to counteract the aggravating factor that he was a police officer. He added that his client’s case was unusual when compared to other whole-life sentences.

The prosecutor, Tom Little, claimed Couzens was in a unique position of power, adding the judge gave clear and concise reasoning for his sentence. Little admitted that it was an exceptionally isolated case, asserting the judge handed Couzens a fitting punishment.

Evil Stepmother

Thomas Hughes and his lover Emma Tustin both received over 20 years in prison for the death of Arthur Labinjino-Hughes, the man’s son. Hughes received a 21-year sentence after the court found him guilty of manslaughter. Tustin is serving a 29-year sentence after assaulting the 6-year-old and causing a deadly brain injury. The court heard how Arthur was the subject of systemic torture and abuse, which ultimately led to his death.

Little asserted to judges in the court they should consider altering Tustin’s reprimand to include a whole-life sentence, noting the young boy suffered unimaginably. He added this was an extreme case of child murder. His reason was the sadistic actions leading up to the murder, declaring the motive for the crime was barbarous as well.

A Controlling Husband

In 2013, Jordan Monaghan went to jail after he suffocated his 24-day-old daughter as she slept. Then, eight months later, he killed his 21-month-old son, again by smothering him. Six years after that, Monaghan killed his new partner, Evie Adams, landing himself a 40-year prison sentence. Little told the court that Monaghan’s murders were extremely serious. The prosecutor told the judges that Monaghan was trying to keep Adams under control while diverting her attention from his gambling addiction.

Little mentioned that not only did Monaghan trick Adams into taking strong medications, leading to her death, but he did so while out on bail. The prosecutor believed Monaghan should never be given the chance to be free again. Defense attorney, Benjamin Myers, noted that a whole-life sentence is extreme and should be reserved for extreme cases, arguing this case wasn’t one of them.

Adding Up

The court had already found Ian Stewart guilty of killing his fiancé, Helen Bailey, in 2017. Previously, the court sentenced Stewart to 34 years in prison. However, after his conviction, authorities looked into the 2010 death of his first wife, which they determined he was responsible for, prompting the court to extend his sentence to a whole-life term.

His defense attorney, Amjad Malik, claimed that neither of the murders constituted a whole-life sentence, adding serial killers get those sentences and stating his client didn’t qualify. Malik mentioned that with Stewart’s age, he was going to die in prison with his 34-year sentence, declaring the whole-life extension was unnecessary.

Of the five cases the court heard on May 4, three of them involved the prosecuting attorney attempting to increase the sentence to whole-life. In the other two, the defense lawyers sought sentence reductions. A strange day for the court.

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