Shakira Strikes a Deal in Her Tax Fraud Case

( – Colombian pop star Shakira struck a deal with Spanish prosecutors on November 19, in the first hearing of her trial for tax fraud in Barcelona. According to Spanish newspaper El Confidencial, the famous singer received a suspended three-year sentence and will have to pay a fine of $8 million. Shakira will also have to pay another fine of $472,000 in exchange for authorities to waive her sentence. The agreement will include a finding of guilty of tax fraud, which legal experts believe could eventually affect another tax case she is facing.

In July, Spanish prosecutors said they would try to impose eight years and two months of prison sentence, as well as a fine of $26 million for the Colombian pop star. At the November 19 court proceeding, Shakira acknowledged six counts of failing to pay Spanish authorities nearly $16 million in taxes from 2012 to 2014.

In a statement, the artist’s spokesperson said that Shakira decided to solve the matter as soon as possible because she didn’t want her kids to see “their mom” sacrificing her “personal well-being” in a legal fight that could extend indefinitely. Shakira’s spokesperson added that the pop singer’s main goal is to leave behind the stress and emotional pain of the last few years and focus on her kids and her music career.

At the start of the trial, Spanish Judge Jose Manuel del Amo asked Shakira if she recognized the facts and agreed with the new penalties that authorities requested. The pop star, who was wearing a pink suit that matched her pink handbag, said “Yes.”

Shakira arrived a couple of minutes before the start of the trial with her attorneys, amid a media frenzy and the loud support of many of her fans outside the court in the Catalan city. The trial took place after the Colombian superstar won two Latin Grammy awards in Seville on November 16.

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