Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan Are Coming Back!

Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan Are Coming Back!

( – As much of the world knows, political correctness effectively canceled Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne. Both TV personalities lost their jobs last year after speaking their minds and thinking for themselves. Now, the two are teaming up together to create a new show.

The Announcement

Viewers missing the two former TV hosts have been ecstatic to see Morgan’s joint announcement with Osbourne on Twitter for TalkTV’s new show, “The Talk UK.” In the video Morgan details what an ideal co-host is in his mind, someone opinionated and not afraid to share their thoughts.

Osbourne then moves into the camera’s view asking him where to sign. The announcement of the team-up is sending waves through the news and social media.

Ousting Osbourne

The wife of famous singer Ozzy Osbourne was once a co-host on CBS’s “The Talk.” However, one day Osbourne got into a heated argument over Piers Morgan with co-host Sheryl Underwood. Osbourne, who views Morgan as a good friend, was defending what the British personality said about Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, and what she said during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Osbourne asserted that she felt like she was on death row because her friend was being called a racist, which inherently made her a racist as well.

She then told Underwood to give an example of Morgan’s racism, asking her what he said that was racist. Underwood claimed it wasn’t spoken words of racism, just Morgan’s reaction and implication of it. The show ended up taking a break from air. Osbourne did apologize later, but news eventually surfaced that the TV personality wouldn’t be returning to the show.

The Piers Problem

Morgan had his fair share of heated debates during his time on TV. In one instance on “Good Morning Britain,” the TV personality asserted he didn’t believe a word that came from the Duchess of Sussex. After refusing to apologize for his comments, Morgan stormed off the set. That would be the last time he would make an appearance on “Good Morning Britain” as he later announced that he quit.

Morgan was already looking to get back in the saddle with his new show, “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” also on TalkTV. Now, he’s looking at teaming up with his good friend Osbourne, and the world is anxious to see how the show does. Both hosts are opinionated and not afraid to tell people how it is. It’ll be interesting for sure.

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