Sheriff Takes Radical Approach to Riot Control

Sheriff Takes Radical Approach to Riot Control

( – Protests are still going on and there are still demonstrations turning violent. That’s why one Florida sheriff is ready to bring in reinforcements if his county’s citizens or police forces are threatened by rioters. What he’s doing is fully within his rights as Sheriff to keep his citizens safe, too.

On Wednesday, Clay County Sheriff, Darryl Daniels, posted a video on Facebook saying enough is enough when it comes to violence and threats in his Jacksonville suburb county. His team swore to uphold, protect, and defend constitutional rights and warned about what might happen if anyone steps outside of their right to peacefully protest.

Daniels said that he would “make special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county… to stand in the gap between lawlessness and civility.”

As the Republican National Convention (RNC) comes near to his city, it’s critical that surrounding communities stay safe to help the convention go smoothly.

Whether or not Daniels feels the need to follow through on this warning in the coming weeks, only time will tell. But, we must support our local officers as they follow through on the oath they took to serve and protect their citizens.

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