Shooting Suspect in Buffalo Had Mental Health Troubles in the Past

Shooting Suspect in Buffalo Had Mental Health Troubles in the Past

This Horrific Crime Leaves Many To Question Mental Health In America

( – A recent shooting in Buffalo, New York may expose a weakness in the system that local, state, and federal governments have in place. The suspect had undergone a mental health evaluation in 2021 after making a threat against a school. Then, on May 14, they allegedly shot thirteen people, killing ten and injuring three others.

Authorities have accused 18-year-old Payton Gendron of the shooting at a Tops Friendly Market store on Saturday afternoon.

Fox News reported that in 2021, Gendron made a “generalized threat,” prompting police to order a mental health examination. The report added that New York State Police investigated the then-17-year-old’s threats.

Joseph Gramaglia, commissioner of the Buffalo Police Department, asserted the New York State Police did what they could do at the time. The commissioner added that Gendron underwent a mental examination and was later released, explaining there was no indication he was a danger.

Gendron is being charged with killing ten people and injuring three others; he allegedly shot four people outside of the store, an armed security guard and several people inside. Is it possible that Gendron was one of the rare cases to slip through the cracks? What does this mean for mental health moving forward? Hopefully, mental evaluations will go a bit deeper in the future to help prevent cases like Gendron’s from going unnoticed.

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