Slavery “Reparations” Become a Reality at This Liberal University


Slavery Reparations Are Now a Reality

( – Reparations for descendants of enslaved people, namely black and Native Americans, have been a major talking point of the progressive Left. While the idea to hand people money because their ancestors were once slaves may seem ridiculous, there’s been a pretty large effort to bring the idea to life. Harvard University recently stated it would make these reparations a reality.

A report from the New York Times indicated Harvard’s new commitment to funnel $100 million into a Legacy of Slavery Fund will go pay for research and memorializing Harvard’s history regarding slavery. The university has also mentioned money will go into working with the descendants of Native and black Americans it enslaved in the past.

Lawrence S. Bacow, President of Harvard, admitted the university benefited from immoral practices, adding his belief that those within the school bear the responsibility to address those issues. An internal report from the university explains it owes its wealth to the school’s patrons who made their money on the backs of slaves. Furthermore, Harvard’s report has a list of 70 Native and black Americans whom prominent figures throughout Harvard’s history enslaved. The university also made recommendations on how to utilize the massive fund.

It’s simply insane to hold people who had nothing to do with slavery accountable for what their ancestors did. The same goes for anyone who’s set to receive financial compensation. They were never slaves, yet they will receive reparations? Couldn’t this money go into something a little more important or beneficial?

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