Smith & Wesson Blasts Politicians for Surge in Crime

Smith & Wesson Blasts Politicians for Surge in Crime

Gun Manufacturer BREAKS SILENCE – Blasts Politicians For Shameful Acts

( – Many American cities are grappling with rising crime rates. Mass shootings also seem to be happening with a disturbing frequency, regularly making headlines. Now, one of the nation’s top gun manufacturers is speaking out against politicians.

On August 15, Smith & Wesson shared a statement from President and CEO Mark Smith about the attacks on the firearm industry. He said politicians and their lobbyists have recently sought to “disparage” the company. After years of promoting leftist policies like defunding the police and electing prosecutors who refuse to punish criminals, those same lawmakers are now blaming gun manufacturers for the rise in crime. The executive said he believes it’s the members of Congress who have refused to take any accountability for their dangerous actions and rhetoric who are really to blame.

Although Smith didn’t name anyone, he’s likely talking about Democrats and groups like Black Lives Matter, the Brady Project, Everytown, and others that have repeatedly blamed the police and gun industry for America’s crime. Meanwhile, conservatives have fought to protect the Second Amendment and work against defunding the police, trying desperately to promote law and order.

The statement goes on to say that Smith & Wesson has never broken into someone’s home, assaulted any women, carjacked anyone, or committed any other crime. Instead, the company has and continues to work with law enforcement and members of communities who want to fight back against lawlessness.

Do you agree with Smith’s assessment of the situation?

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