Smuggling Boat Crash Leads to 39 People Missing

Smuggling Boat Crash Leads to 39 People Missing

( – Authorities learned about a crashed boat after a commercial ship discovered a man sitting atop a capsized boat. The stranded man said the boat was on its way to Florida when it sank, leaving him and 39 others stranded. The US Coast Guard (USCG) has begun searching for the missing people.

The USCG has been looking for survivors since January 25. In its statement, the guard asserted suspicions that the lost-at-sea boat was part of a human smuggling operation but hasn’t confirmed whether that’s true.

The USCG noted that a good Samaritan rescued the man at sea about 45 miles from the Fort Pierce Inlet. The rescued man claimed his boat had encountered severe weather and overturned. The unidentified man added that no one aboard was wearing a life jacket. Unfortunately, the USCG has found one person deceased in its continued search. Thirty-eight others are still missing.

A rescue effort will be difficult because the USCG does not know where the accident occurred or the length of time the missing people have been at sea. Nicole Groll, a spokeswoman for the USCG, did not mention whether this remained a rescue mission or if the service had classified it as a recovery effort.

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