Social Engineering Schemes Most Dangerous on Social Media

( – Social scams are getting more crafty by the minute, and many people are being subjected to their dangers every single day. Social engineering scams are scams where the criminals exploit a person’s trust to give sensitive information and with the rise in artificial intelligence, these scams have become much more sophisticated.

Phishing scams are usually avoidable now as many companies state that “they will never call,” but with artificial intelligence, there is a huge problem with their voice-mimicking calls, which could easily scam someone out of giving their information.

Tom Tovar, CEO of Appdome, a cybersecurity company, said that it’s not just about being aware, but it’s about being prepared. “Social engineering scams exploit the everyday fear, uncertainty, and doubt in humans to gain access to protected accounts, information, resources, payments, and more. These attacks can also abuse commercial expectations, business processes, and psychological tactics to trick humans into interacting with the scam,” he said.

In many of these scams, the fraudsters will act like employees from places like banks or financial institutions to gain their victim’s trust. Another scam could be a “vacation giveaway,” but it’s not a real giveaway, and they are simply trying to get you to give sensitive information.

“In these attacks, the attacker has to get the user to interact,” Tovar explains. “So, they may send a very convincing text message to the victim purporting to be the fraud department of the bank.”

After the fraudster gets their foot in the door with the target, they will then begin to prompt them for sensitive information. Many times they are taking advantage of the victim and using their vulnerability against them.

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