Socialist Democrats Use Big Cities as Test Laboratories

Socialist Democrats Use Big Cities as Test Laboratories

( – Conservatives and moderates have been dismissing the socialist movement as a problem for big cities like Seattle and San Francisco. For the last few years, socialists in Seattle have been winning elections and treating the city like it’s their own test lab for socialism.

Their ultimate goal is to spread their policies through the Democratic party to the entire nation.

Seattle City Councilwoman and proud socialist posted on Twitter:

Seattle’s elected socialists have been buying off voters with $100 in taxpayer “democracy vouchers” which are used to fund local political offices. The vouchers can be redeemed by unions, socialist groups, and activists for campaign support.

Second, city socialists have banned campaign contributions by corporations in local elections. It’s obviously in violation of Supreme Court rulings that say otherwise.

Finally, anyone who opposes them is met by violent activists and Antifa militants who intimidate their opposition. They vandalize homes, orchestrate death threats, and disrupt events.

Socialists have openly stated that their goal is to overthrow capitalism — and it’s happening in America’s cities if nothing is done to stop it.

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