Some Media Companies Choose Not To Air Biden’s Speech

Some Media Companies Choose Not To Air Biden's Speech

Top Media Companies Snub Biden – His Speech Goes Down In Flames

( – President Joe Biden recently spoke at Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park where he delivered some controversial remarks. While television networks typically cover these primetime addresses, a handful of networks decided to show other media instead of the Commander in Chief’s speech.

The address didn’t seem to be a big deal for some media outlets as they didn’t bother airing it. CNN and MSNBC aired Biden’s address, but other networks opted not to run the speech, choosing alternative programming. They included ABC, which chose to broadcast Press Your Luck, NBC, which ran a Law & Order rerun, and CBS, which showed a rerun of Young Sheldon. Fox News also didn’t carry the address, choosing instead to show Tucker Carlson’s criticism of the speech as the president delivered it.

Speaking with Independence Hall in the background, Biden asserted that some Republicans have turned into extremists, encouraged political violence, and promoted authoritarian leadership. The POTUS admitted not all Republicans were transforming, explaining how former President Donald Trump has motivated the party.

Sticking to the focal point of his speech, Trump’s refusal of the 2020 election results, Biden declared, “democracy cannot survive” if one party feels there are only two possible outcomes: they either win or their opponent cheated to win. The president noted he believed that was the current mindset of Trump supporters.

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