Someone Made a Musical about Paltrow’s Ski Trial

( – According to a The Guardian November 16 report, the UK’s Awkward Productions is preparing a stage musical inspired by the legal battle between American actress Gwyneth Paltrow and retired Utah optometrist Terry Sanderson. The musical, which is named Gwyneth Goes Skiing, will open at Pleasance Theater in England’s capital London in December.

The British newspaper pointed out that the musical will feature many original songs that have been written by Leland. The Guardian said that the role of the American musician and songwriter in the project has raised expectations among the British public and critics, as he has previously worked with stars like Trove Sivan and Selena Gomez.

The musical’s description says that Paltrow is a “Shakespeare-In-Loving” and “Door-Sliding” Hollywood superstar, while it describes Sanderson as a “retired Optometrist from Utah.” The description also reads that their “worlds collided, and so did they.”

Paltrow will be played by an actress named Linus Karp, who previously played Diana, Princess of Wales, in a comedy organized by Awkward Productions named Diana: The Untrue and Untold Story. British actor Joseph Martin, who has been part of other Awkward Productions’ musicals, will play optometrist Sanderson.

Sanderson’s legal battle with Paltrow started after he accused her of injuring him in a skiing accident in 2016 at the Deer Valley ski resort in Utah. The 76-year-old optometrist sued the actress for $3 million and eventually reduced it to $300,000, as he claimed she had caused four broken ribs and gave him a brain injury after crashing into him. Paltrow’s lawyers countersued and claimed that Sanderson actually struck their client.

The trial, which started in March, was aired on live TV and led to many memes and fashion analyses of the actress’ wardrobe. A month later, jurors found the Utah optometrist at fault for the accident and ordered him to pay $1 in damages and Paltrow’s legal fees. While the total amount of what he had to pay remains unclear, different reports said it’s estimated to be seven figures.

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