Son Tragically Dies, Father Allegedly Sets House on Fire

Son Tragically Dies, Father Allegedly Sets House on Fire

( – Thirty-three-year-old Timothy Settles is currently being held at the Corrigan Correctional Center on a $510,500 bond for setting fire to a house during a drunken rage. He is charged with first-degree reckless endangerment, first-degree criminal mischief, and first-degree arson.

According to authorities, Settles became a person of interest and was wanted for questioning after firefighters determined the fire was intentionally set. An arrest warrant was immediately issued after police decided that aside from the people living in the home, Settles was the last one seen at the house.

The Hartford Courant obtained Settles’ arrest warrant, which states he was arguing with his girlfriend, Jerren MK Johnson, about who was to blame for their son’s death. The warrant describes Johnson as being at home with Settles’ mother, Sheila Settles. According to the warrant, Johnson was in the kitchen while Sheila was holding her grandchild when the pit bull inexplicably “attacked the baby, ripping him out of her arms.” Both women witnessed the baby being mauled to death as they tried to get it away from the dog.

Sheila describes how her son began excessively drinking the night of his son’s death and became increasingly angry and violent. She said they went to the home where his girlfriend was staying after refusing to pick up her phone or answer any of his text messages. Sheila told police she could hear the two arguing while she waited in the car and decided to drive away, leaving Settles behind.

According to reports, that’s when he set the house on fire. Thankfully, no one present suffered any injuries — they were all able to escape in time.

Police had the 8-year-old pit bull euthanized immediately after the incident. The family says they still have no idea what caused it to attack. No one has been charged with Carter Settles’ death.

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