Sonic Attacks Reported: US Officials Targeted on American Soil

Sonic Attacks Reported: US Officials Targeted on American Soil

( – Multiple Americans, including government employees and intelligence officers, have fallen ill in recent years due to supposed sonic attacks. They started in Havana, Cuba, before affecting US personnel in Russia, and one even hit a White House staffer in Arlington, Virginia.

Sonic attacks create a variety of disturbing symptoms, including headaches, nausea, memory loss, lethargy, and more.

The First Sonic Attack

The initial alleged sonic attack occurred in Cuba in 2017. That’s where 21 American officials heard cracking and humming noises, followed by disequilibrium, memory loss, and other symptoms mentioned previously. At the time, this was named “Havana Syndrome” as little was known about what was happening.

In 2018, a group of doctors assessed the officials affected by Havana Syndrome and published a report, revealing they all had brain injuries consistent with a concussion with no recent head trauma reported. The lead author said there is “increasing suspicion” that microwaves were used to harm the individuals.

The Attacks Continue Around the Globe

The second notable sonic attack targeted CIA officer Marc Polymeropoulos in 2017 during a trip to Moscow. His symptoms were similar and continued for quite some time.

Other potential sonic incidents include:

  • US staffers in Guangzhou, China who focused on Russia issues
  • A diplomat and his family stationed in Philadelphia
  • A White House staffer and her dog in Arlington, Virginia

Is Russia to Blame?

The New York Times believes Russia is behind the attacks, as it was able to trace phones of Moscow agents to multiple attacks in 2019. Reporter Ana Swanson shared her thoughts:

Some US officials agree that Russia’s involvement is likely, as they have no guilt harming Americans. The Russian Embassy, however, denied all ties to the attacks:

Harvard Medical School Doctor and Researcher, however, called out the New York Times for their lack of evidence:

Currently, the State Department and CIA have not announced who they believe to be behind the attacks or what may cause them.

Keeping Our Citizens Safe

While many of these attacks happened in other countries, the November 2019 attack of a White House Staffer and her dog was on our soil. It’s still unknown exactly who is causing these targeted attacks and why, although there is much speculation.

As the incidents of Havana Syndrome get more prevalent, US intelligence must prioritize the safety of Americans, even if our relations with other countries get a bit rocky as we search for the truth.

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