Soros-Backed Prosecutor Removed From Case After Being Misleading

Soros-Backed Prosecutor Removed From Case After Being Misleading

Leftist Billionaire-Backed Prosecutor Removed After Corruption Scandal

( – Billionaire investor George Soros has supported several people and helped them get into office. One happened to be a prosecutor in Loudoun County, Virginia, although it didn’t work out. The attorney’s fate currently hangs in the balance after a judge removed the public servant from a case, claiming the person was intentionally misleading the court in hopes of selling a plea deal.

In a rare move, James Plowman, a Loudoun County Circuit Court justice and the prosecutor’s predecessor, had no choice but to remove Buta Biberaj, county prosecutor, after she withheld critical evidence from the court. Judge Plowman not only removed the lawyer from the case, but he removed her entire office from working and providing related counsel.

Fox 5 was the first to report Biberaj’s removal, claiming even veteran prosecutors and attorneys had never before witnessed such reprehensible behavior. Biberaj and her team were allegedly seeking a plea deal for Kevin Valle, whom authorities arrested on five warrants, going as far as to omit facts about his criminal record.

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares (R) criticized the prosecutor, claiming Biberaj didn’t listen to victims and instead prioritized the criminal over the public. The former prosecutor may never be able to practice law again after the court filed a complaint with the Virginia Bar, prompting an investigation.

Ousting the liberal lawyer for good would pose well for Virginians as the disgraced public servant has a history of pushing to allow domestic violence suspects out on bail and letting criminals out in general. Without her, it seems Loudoun County may be a safer place.

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