Soros-Funded Organization Seeks To “Transform” Government Using CRT

Soros-Funded Organization Seeks To

Horrifying Money Trail Discovered As Cash Pours Into Racist Plan

( – Billionaire businessman and philanthropist George Soros is a character of controversy. The Hungarian-born 92-year-old has a track record of funding far-left organizations. Most recently, Soros appears to have donated money to Race Forward, an organization seeking to root critical race theory (CRT) into the federal government.

A resource guide from Race Forward indicates the non-profit wants to implement CRT believers in key institutional roles as part of its long-term goal to transform agencies and eventually the entire federal government. The organization has received funding from the likes of Soros through the Open Society Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the WK Kellogg Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, the Target Foundation, and the NoVo Foundation, with a nearly $21 million in revenue in 2020 according to ProPublica.

Money from Soros isn’t only going into planting CRT advocates throughout the government. It’s also going toward putting the far-left theory in schools. CRT has become a controversial topic, and many parents don’t want it imposed on their children. Race Forward has been defending the theory’s place in schools. The proponents claim the attacks on CRT are part of a “coordinated effort” to prevent a multiracial democracy.

Soros is directly funding the idea of teaching CRT in schools, likely in the hopes that one day no one will know the difference. Any change further to the Left could make it easier to implement other extreme ideologies and agendas as well.

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