South Korean Government Downplays Leaked Classified Pentagon Documents

( – Officials from the South Korean government said on Tuesday that many of the leaked classified Pentagon documents were likely manipulated, casting doubt on some records that suggested the United States was spying on the Asian nation and US ally.

In a statement, South Korea’s President Yoon Suk-yeol’s office said in a statement that the Defense Ministers of the Asian nation and the United States have been discussing the leaked Pentagon documents and have come to the conclusion that many of these documents “were forged.” The South Korean officials also pointed out that security in the presidential office was “thick,” in reference to a recent move from the Blue House to the Ministry of Defense.

The statement also points out that the Yongsan Presidential Office is a strong military facility and has a much more powerful anti-eavesdropping system than the previous location.

As reported by numerous media outlets, many of the leaked classified Pentagon documents include information about international discussions in Seoul about the sale of artillery shells to the United States, representing a delicate situation considering that Washington is currently making efforts to keep sending military aid to Ukraine.

While the South Korean government has agreed to keep selling these munitions to the American military so it can replenish its stock, Seoul was allegedly expressing different concerns about the artillery shells that Washington is shipping to Ukraine. About this situation, South Korea’s main opposition party criticized the revelations in the Pentagon documents and said this was a clear case of “illegal wiretapping.” The country’s Democratic Party also said this case raises concerns about how strong the presidential office’s communications security is.

During a press conference statement, this opposition political party said it regrets that US intelligence has been illegally spying, urging for a transparent truth check as it claims that the Asian nation has never seen a similar incident in the past. The Democratic Party also asked the South Korean government to provide a clear response to this wiretapping case.

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