Southwest CEO Sends Apology Letter

Southwest CEO Sends Apology Letter

( – Much of the US suffered after severe winter weather subjected most of the country to frigid temperatures. Winter Storm Elliot’s extreme conditions resulted in countless delays for holiday travelers, especially those looking to fly to their destinations. While other major airlines such as American, Delta, and United were back on track just days after the storm passed, Southwest continues to struggle. The airline’s CEO, Bob Jordan, has issued an apology to travelers due to the ongoing issues.

Extreme Weather

Christmas 2022 was one of the coldest in modern history. Winter Storm Elliot not only brought frigid temperatures to much of North America, with areas from the Great Lakes to Arizona recording -50º F, according to the Independent, but it also blanketed much of the US in a thick layer of snow.

In Buffalo, New York, the storm system dropped as much as 50 inches of snow. In other areas, such as the Midwest, high winds caused blizzardy conditions and massive snow drifts. With weather like that, it’s easy to see why many airlines decided not to fly. Of course, travelers were likely unhappy about the cancellations ahead of Christmas.

Sorry From Southwest

The airline’s CEO issued a video statement in which he personally apologized for the inconvenience the company’s decision to suspend flights has caused. Jordan mentioned that Southwest was “doing everything” in its power to get back to operating at a normal capacity. The CEO offered an explanation for why it was taking Southwest so much longer than other airlines to bounce back after the winter storm.

Jordan noted that Southwest was the largest airline in the US, adding that it builds its flight schedule around communities rather than hubs. According to The New York Times, this system allows the company to fly from smaller areas and to smaller destinations instead of restricting itself to areas like Chicago and other big cities.

Nonetheless, the extreme weather caused delays and disruptions to Southwest’s elaborate and complex network. Pilots and crews working for the company are out of place due to the weather. According to Jordan, the company’s system relies on their planes and workers moving around the country on a very specific schedule that can be easy to derail.

The CEO said the only way for Southwest to correct course is to reduce the number of flights as the airline attempts to catch up. Jordan declared the company will stay on this schedule until it’s back on track and has everyone in their correct roles and positions.

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