St. Louis Mayor Takes Us 1 Step Closer To Reparations

St. Louis Mayor Takes Us 1 Step Closer To Reparations

( – Some members of the Left have been pushing for reparations for black Americans. The latest push came in the form of an executive order the St. Louis Mayor signed to create a reparations committee. The group intends to explore “race-based harms” in the past, the “present-day manifestations” they’ve resulted in, and possible ways to address the persisting issues.

According to a St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Tishaura Jones, the Mayor of St. Louis, decided the committee was necessary due to the growing number of “equity-based analyses.” She hopes, after years of disinvestment, to restore vitality to the black communities in St. Louis, stating she looks forward to evaluating the panel’s progress in planning a course of action. She added it’s impossible for the city to be successful if half of it “is allowed to fail.”

Jones said nine members, all of whom must live within the city, will make up the committee. The mayor added they must include at least one public health official, attorney, clergy member, civil rights activist, academic, and a member of the community’s youth. Jones had previously mentioned using federally allocated pandemic resources to restore black communities, but she didn’t offer any ideas on how the committee should approach the problem.

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