Stacey Abrams Admits Her State Is One of the Worst in America

Stacey Abrams Admits Her State Is One of the Worst in America

Top Democrat Admits The State She Runs Is One Of The Worst In America

( – As a candidate for any political office, the idea is to convince voters they’re the better choice. With that being said, it’s common for candidates to point out some of the biggest problems voters face and use them as platforms as to why people should elect them. Stacey Abrams, a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in the state of Georgia, may have gone overboard with her statement claiming it’s the “worst state” people in the US could live in.

According to Fox News, the gubernatorial candidate made her comments during a speech in Norcross, Georgia as part of the Gwinnett Democrats’ Bluetopia Gala. The outlet reported that Abrams claimed she was running for governor because she understands people in Georgia need to have a conversation about who they are and what they want from and for each other.

In audio from the Gwinnett Daily Post, Abrams asserts that she is “tired of hearing about how great” of a state Georgia is to do business in. The Georgia Democrat then claims her state is the “worst state” to live in across all of America. Abrams noted her statement would quickly become ammunition for her contenders, namely incumbent Governor Brian Kemp (R). The Democrat mentioned Georgia could use improvement in regard to mental health and incarceration.

Abrams claimed Georgia was in the 48th spot for mental health and allegedly had the highest maternal mortality rate in the country. To reinforce her statement, she also claimed crime was on the rise as wages were declining. The Democrat feels she’s the person Georgians need in office to help alleviate these issues. The question is whether or not the voters will feel the same way come the state’s gubernatorial election.

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