State Department Issues Travel Advisory for Israel

( – The US State Department issued another travel advisory for Israel on October 11, urging all Americans who are planning to travel to the Jewish state to “reconsider” this decision. The agency published this travel alert at a moment when the Israeli government’s war against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip intensified.

Terrorist members of the radical Islamist organization launched an attack on the Jewish state on October 7, which was considered by many the worst assault that Israel has ever suffered. Numerous reports showed they killed hundreds of innocents, raped dozens of women, and kidnapped nearly 200 civilians to make them their hostages.

As a response, the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war on Hamas. According to the Palestinian government and the Israeli media, the military actions between the two parties have so far left over 1,000 Palestinians dead and over 1,200 Israelis dead.

In the advisory, the State Department said that terrorist groups, along with violent extremists and lone-actor terrorists are still plotting possible attacks in Gaza, the West Bank, and the Jewish state. It added that these factions may deploy numerous strikes with no warning, and could even target civilian spots such as transportation hubs, shopping malls, and tourist locations.

The travel alert issued by the US government also applied to the West Bank, while the Gaza Strip is currently under the “do not travel” recommendation. According to the advisory, the escalating violence in both places means that US government employees won’t be allowed personal travel in Israel anytime soon.

Following Hamas’s attack on the Jewish state, the Israeli Armed Forces started an aggressive campaign of airstrikes in the Gaza Strip. Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said in a televised speech that the main goal of the war declared by Netanyahu is to eliminate the terrorist group for good. He said that the Israeli military will “wipe” Hamas and “ISIS-Gaza off the face of the earth,” and claimed that the terrorist group will “cease to exist.”

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