State Senator Accuses Newsom of Gaslighting Citizens

( – California Republican Senator Brian Dahle pushed back November 27 on some statements from California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, who said he has cleared nearly 6,000 homeless encampments across the Golden State. During a press conference, Dahle told reporters that the liberal leader was “gaslighting” Californians on the issue because the governor never cleared the homeless encampments. When asked what really happened, the senator said that authorities simply moved them “down the street.”

Dahle also claimed that the state was spending more tax dollars on homeless people than on young students who didn’t have the proper resources. He also said that the “homeless crisis” that California is currently experiencing is a “national embarrassment” that needs to be solved as soon as possible. The GOP senator added that Newsom needs to focus on “real results” for all Californians instead of “gaslighting” them and chasing his presidential “aspirations.”

A couple of hours before Dahle’s remarks, the governor said during a press conference that his administration would spend $300 million to local municipalities to eliminate homeless encampments and move homeless people to houses. He told reporters that the funds would go to the state’s Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to remove every camp that is on state property and to assist the homeless with resources.
Newsom said during the virtual press conference that his administration cleaned up encampments but never displaced or removed any people. He added that his main goal is to solve the homeless problem in the state, and pointed out that the funds are not a “blank check.”

During an interview with KTVU, Caltrans director Alisa Becerra said that the agency welcomed the funds to clean the camps near bike paths, parks, and freeways. She added that Caltrans is currently working to connect homeless people on their way to move to a more stable and secure “housing situation.”

Multiple polls show that the homeless crisis is one of the main concerns among voters and elected officials in California. Over the last few months, business owners and residents have been complaining about the encampments that block sidewalks, which they said creates more crime.

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