States Still Discriminating Against Churches

States Still Discriminating Against Churches

( – Churches in Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Indiana say they’re being mistreated. These states have started opening businesses, but not houses of worship. This is in spite of the US Constitution granting freedom of religion.

Churches are now questioning whether or not they should open anyway due to the unfair inconsistency.

Oregon is the most extreme of all the states prohibiting churches from opening. In an executive order signed by Gov. Katherine Brown, pastors can be jailed for a month and fined up to $1,000 if they reopen or allow more than 25 people to gather for worship. Two churches sued over the order in federal court last week.

In Indianapolis, one church is threatening legal action due to a double standard compared to businesses. A county executive order says they cannot hold services, even outdoors. However, the same rule isn’t applied to other businesses, which demonstrates the unequal treatment of places of worship in light of COVID-19.

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