Stimulus Package Stalls — What it Means for America

Stimulus Package Stalls — What It Means for America

( – Over the weekend, Republicans and Democrats faced off to try and negotiate the next stimulus package. While some progress was made, neither party loosened its grip on their demands, leaving millions of Americans unsure of what’s next.

Approximately 30 million Americans had been receiving the $600 Federal unemployment assistance that expired on Friday, July 31. Republicans proposed a stop-gap bill to bridge the gap between the previous bill and the next, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) rejected the idea as she pushed for the HEROES Act, shown here:

A meeting on Saturday, August 1, between the parties helped both sides understand each others’ demands, however, many expressed they’re not close to an agreement on what that deal looks like. Democrats hope to include assistance with rent and the full $600 weekly assistance. On the other hand, Republicans believe such a large sum does not motivate many Americans to return to work and is looking at other measures to help America recover.

The next stimulus package will surely help some Americans make ends meet and allow others to have more discretionary spending, giving our economy a boost. However, when that bill makes its way through Congress and what it will entail remains to be seen.

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