StoneBridge Christian Church Cancels Christmas Day Services

StoneBridge Christian Church Cancels Christmas Day Services

( – Six years ago, Christmas Day fell on Sunday, the day of worship for many churches. The holiday falls on Sunday once again this year, but churches are taking a different approach to the occurrence this holiday season. Instead of gathering for service, some are simply shutting their doors for Christmas.

In Eastern Nebraska, the StoneBridge Christian Church has a reputation for hosting big parties, and this year has been no different. The place of worship hosted a fireworks show, complete with 15 food trucks and portable fire pits for guests to make s’mores. StoneBridge’s executive pastor, Mitch Chitwood, explained to the New York Times that the Christmas season was their “Super Bowl.”

While the church will hold nine services on Christmas Eve and a total of four “Jingle Jam” parties for families in December, when it comes to Christmas Day, the church won’t be hosting anything. Despite not having any religious services, StoneBridge’s locations will host community breakfasts on December 25.

Chitwood mentioned that while the church certainly still believes in the “Sunday morning experience,” Stonebridge needed to “meet people where they are.” Christmas Day, for many, means staying home with family and relaxing in pajamas until afternoon (or sometimes even later).

As a result, not many people want to go out to church, while others contemplate whether it’s bad to not go. StoneBridge decided to make it easy on its congregation this year and save them the weight of that decision.

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