Struggling Economy Puts Police in Jeopardy

Struggling Economy Puts Police in Jeopardy

( – Municipalities are beginning to experience the pain of COVID-19 as they struggle to balance their budgets. Local governments are losing tax revenues as businesses close, workers lose jobs in record numbers, and tourism halts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Police officers are feeling the brunt of difficult decisions that local officials have to make to balance their budgets.

Over 2,100 cities across America are reporting shortfalls, according to the National League of Cities and the US Conference of Mayors. More than 1,000 cities have said they intend to reduce the size of their police departments and other public safety agencies.

Major metropolitan cities are not alone — a survey reveals 90% of municipalities with populations under 50,000 expect revenue shortfalls. In addition to cuts to police departments, local governments are also considering cuts to public works and other government positions as well.

While we may primarily hear about the struggles of big cities in the news, smaller communities are being hurt just as much.

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