Student Housing Co-Op Won’t Allow White Students in Common Areas

Student Housing Co-Op Won't Allow White Students in Common Areas

Fanatic Alert: Student Housing Co-Op Issues INTOLERANT Policy

( – History may be repeating itself as a student housing co-op is keeping people of color away from those who are not. In a twist on America’s dark past, students are facing segregation once again — at least in one private residence. The co-op claims the move is to avoid “white violence.”

The Person of Color Theme House, a private housing co-op outside of the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), has banned white people from visiting common areas. According to a leaked screenshot, the PCTH doesn’t allow Caucasian people in the common areas and dictates that if someone wants to have a white visitor, they first need to consult their fellow tenants.

The rules note anyone with Caucasian visitors should alert the “Guest Chat.” Another rule mentions the outsiders are allowed to go into common areas, but only if no one else is already there. The purpose behind the ban is for people of color to avoid the presence of white people. The housing co-op’s website claims it wants to “create a safe and welcoming space” for the residents living there as well as create unity between the co-op and minority communities.

The PCTH is a private housing co-op and isn’t affiliated with the UCB in any way.

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