Student Sues High School after Promposal Gone Wrong

Police warning at an accident scene with a badly damaged car

( – According to a December 4 report in The Blaze, a high school student who was severely injured in a car accident decided to sue his high school because some of its officials were allegedly involved in plotting the “promposal.” The incident happened back in April at Chandler’s Arizona College Prep High School.

As reported by the media outlet, William Vannasap was going home while he was driving his motorcycle after classes when another student struck him with his Porsche. Different reports pointed out that the student in question was purposely speeding through a red light. Some videos of the accident show Vannasap flying through the air before hitting the ground.

In a statement, his lawyer April Speelmon said that the student was not only seriously injured but will also suffer from many of these injuries forever. According to their lawsuit, the other driver deliberately ignored all traffic laws because of a prom proposal. The lawsuit claimed that the driver was in his Porsche with another female student whom he was going to ask to the prom.

The complaint states that a school officer was going to wait for him with the principal to stop the car after the traffic violation just to make it appear that the driver was in trouble. The lawsuit said it was all a setup where the principal and officer were going to pull out a poster with the proposal. Instead, the vehicle crashed with Vanassap’s motorcycle, who suffered a severe brain injury.
His lawyer noted he could have died and claimed that the Porsche was going 40 miles per hour. Speelmon also noted that while the driver should pay for what he did, the main responsible were the “adults at the school,” who shouldn’t have accepted to be “part of this.”

In court documents, the school officer said he didn’t think that the student was going to illegally cross the intersection. Meanwhile, the school principal pointed out he didn’t know anything about the plan and said he was in his car with the officer to discuss some school issues.

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