Subway Offers Free Sandwiches to Anyone Willing To Get This Tattoo

Subway Offers Free Sandwiches to Anyone Willing To Get This Tattoo

Eat Fresh For Life- Subway Has An Offer for you

( – Earlier in July, with its new Subway Series menu, the company found a new way to celebrate: Restaurants offered one million six-inch subs free of charge. But that’s not much compared to what one lucky sub sandwich lover will be getting at a block party in Las Vegas, Nevada. That is if they’re brave enough to get under the needle for some permanent ink.

The celebratory block party will be taking place on July 27 at the Bad Apple Tattoo shop for six hours beginning in the morning at 11 a.m. and lasting until 5 p.m. During that time DJ Tambe, a two-time Ink Master champion, and his team of artists will be offering tats with pretty great incentives, if people are up for it.

According to a Subway press release, the company has agreed to offer nine lucky fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get free sandwiches from their restaurant. What makes it so unique, possibly life changing? Well, that fan will have to get Subway body art.

Tambe and his team are offering three different options for sub lovers; for starters one can get a 2” by 2” tattoo on their wrist, foot, or bicep to earn them a $372 gift card, or a month’s worth of subs, from Subway. Those who are a bit bolder can get a 3” by 3” area of ink work on their shoulder, calf, or forearm, for which the sandwich slinger will earn a reward worth $4,380.

But the real winner is the one who chooses to get “The Footlong” artwork; a 12” by 12” design on their sternum or back. Only one person will be able to get it but will enjoy a lifetime supply of sub sandwiches in the form of $50,000 worth of prepaid cards. While anyone is welcome to attend the block party, the tattoos are first come, first served with no reservations, meaning only nine brave and lucky people will receive rewards.

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