Sununu Predicts Biden Will Drop Out of Presidential Race

( – New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu said on August 8 that he believed US President Joe Biden will eventually drop out from the presidential race. During an interview at FNC’s “Your World,” Sununu explained that the chances of the commander-in-chief deciding not to be the Democratic nominee in 2024 are “greater than 50 percent.”

The Republican leader said that while this isn’t guaranteed, he thinks the chances that President Biden fails to be on the ballot on November 2024 are big. When asked about the different scenarios he believes would take place in the Democratic primaries, Sununu said Americans will see “two things happen.”

He explained that the first scenario would be that President Biden will go through the “primary process” unchallenged, as his popularity in the party remains consistent. From that moment, Sununu said that a year would pass and Biden will be able to collect every delegate. However, Sununu said that Biden’s health won’t be good, and the President will use this as an excuse to quit and tell his delegates to support another candidate.

When asked what would the Democratic Party do if this happens, Sununu said that it will do whatever it’s convenient. He then claimed that it wouldn’t be surprising if the Democratic Party tries to manipulate “their convention,” as he pointed out this party has done it before.

After that, the New Hampshire Governor said that the second scenario is that another presidential candidate suddenly gains momentum and beats the president by “this fall.” Sununu said that the Democratic candidate that could make this happen would be someone that is recognizable among Democrats and liberals on a national level. He said this person might be someone who hasn’t announced a presidential bid and is not even a politician.

However, Sununu said this second scenario would be more difficult, as he believes Democratic governors will prefer to be “coordinated” by President Biden and his wife next summer.

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