Superstar Actress Gives Christians Message Of Hope After Midterms

Patricia Heaton Gives Incredible Message Of Hope To Christians

Patricia Heaton Gives Incredible Message Of Hope To Christians

( – The November 8 results likely stung conservatives across the country after their party’s performance fell short. While the red wave’s failure to materialize certainly came as a disappointment to many Americans, Patricia Heaton reminded them it wasn’t the end of the world. She offered her fellow Christians a message of hope on Twitter.

The actress reassured her followers and any Christians upset with the 2022 midterm results that their security didn’t rest in the hands of lawmakers or the government. Heaton declared these figures were finite and would eventually wither away. The actress then asserted that God was the only thing that would last forever.

While many people agreed with her and thanked the actress for the reminder, others weren’t so enthusiastic. One user asked Heaton if the thought ever crossed her mind that the results of the November 8 elections were, in fact, the will of God. The actress responded by declaring she did believe the recent midterm results were the work of the Almighty. Heaton added that some Christians were happy about the outcome, while others were in despair. The actress then asserted that no Christian should put their faith in the men and women of government in place of God.

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