Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Important Case

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Important Case

( – Since 1973, the US Supreme Court’s (SCOTUS) Roe v. Wade decision has set the nation’s trajectory for abortion law. All challenges to the constitutionality of that famous decision have failed thus far. Still, the SCOTUS just set a date to hear a Mississippi case that has the potential to overturn the decades-old ruling.

On Monday, September 20, SCOTUS announced it would hear Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization on December 1. The case involves a Mississippi law that bans the majority of abortions after 15 weeks. Mississippi’s time limit is multiple weeks earlier than the current standard set by SCOTUS banning the deadly procedure before a child can survive outside its mother, usually around 20 weeks.

This news comes as campaigns for the 2022 midterms begin to take shape, making abortion and the right to life a key talking point for candidates, according to ABC News’ Politics division:

When the SCOTUS releases its decision on this case, it will affect all pre-viability abortion laws, putting the decision to restrict abortions back into the hands of states. This action could lead to numerous states writing stricter abortion laws in the ongoing battle to protect unborn Americans in this nation.

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