Supreme Court Blocks Controversial Case Involving Female Anatomy

Supreme Court Blocks Controversial Case Involving Female Anatomy

( – The Supreme Court is where people often go when they can’t get anywhere with lower courts. In some cases, the high court overrules the lower court, and sometimes the judges agree with previous rulings or do nothing. Recently, the Supreme Court decided to block a case concerning the anatomy of females.

A group of women, including advocate Chelsea C. Eline, filed an appeal to the Supreme Court over a ruling from the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals in May 2021, which upheld a 2020 ban on women going topless on beaches in Ocean City, MD. The high court denied the appeal.

The case first began in 2017, when Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan, with the help of the city council, used emergency legislation to ban public nudity. The ban came a month after controversy arose from Ocean City authorities being told not to confront topless sunbathers.

In 2020 five women, including Eline, filed a lawsuit against the city, citing their right to go topless. However, the federal judge ruled in favor of the municipality. That led the group of women to seek help from the Supreme Court, which didn’t work in their favor either as the bench ruled the differences between men and women constitute laws that treat them differently.

Should this same ideology pertain to the sports world as well? For example, if the court recognizes there are anatomical differences between males and females, shouldn’t they also be treated differently in sports? How does this idea tie into transgenderism in sports, and will the biological differences still matter?

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