Supreme Court Clashes With Biden Once Again

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( – The US Supreme Court is heading for another collision with the Biden administration after agreeing to hear a second case about the president’s controversial — and eye-wateringly expensive — student loan forgiveness program. That plan was shut down by lower courts, but the White House is trying to resurrect it. Now, the country’s highest court will make the decision.

On December 1 the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case brought by six Republican state attorneys general against the administration. Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar had asked the justices to remove a hold on the loan write-off program from a St. Louis federal court. On December 12 the court announced it would also hear a Texan case brought by student loan recipients who won’t benefit from the program and say — as the coalition of states does — that Biden violated procedures when he created it by executive order.

Biden’s program has an estimated price tag of $400 billion, which many economists fear will push inflation back up again. Nevertheless, the administration is hell-bent on pushing it through. Justice Amy Coney Barrett has already dismissed two legal challenges to the massive handout, but the Supreme Court seems to take these two cases more seriously. Arguments could possibly be heard in February 2023. Until then, the debt forgiveness program remains on hold.

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