Supreme Court Denies ISIS Bride’s Plea to Come Back to America

Supreme Court Denies ISIS Bride's Plea to Come Back to America

( – A woman left the United States in 2014 to join the Islamic State of Syria (ISIS). That same woman is now attempting to re-enter the country but isn’t having any luck. Her case made it to the Supreme Court, where the justices denied the woman’s pleas to come back to America.

Hoda Muthana, 27, and her 4-year-old son live in a Syrian refugee camp. The American-born Yemeni woman was only 20 years old when she left her home in Alabama to join ISIS. Apparently, videos online convinced her that living under ISIS rule was more appealing than in the United States. However, since she departed from the States, it appears that Muthana has had another change of heart.

The recent Supreme Court ruling certainly set back her quest to re-enter America. Still, she and her legal team, the Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America, will continue to fight.

The Supreme Court didn’t explain their denial, but it’s not hard to figure out. Two years after Muthana left the United States searching for another life, the US government revoked her passport. Since then, she has lost her US citizenship, giving her no guaranteed rights to re-enter the country.

During her time in Syria as a member of ISIS, Muthana declared herself a caliphate and spread ISIS-state propaganda. She also called for Americans to die, just another reason not to allow her back. She married three ISIS fighters, having a child with the second. Eventually, she escaped the ISIS territory and gave herself up to Kurdish forces, who placed her in a refugee camp with her son. She now seeks to come back to the same country she essentially betrayed.

Would you allow her back?

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