Supreme Court Justice Calls For Investigation Into Massive Legislation Leak

Supreme Court Justice Calls For Investigation Into Massive Legislation Leak

SCOTUS Demands Swift Justice After Controversial Court Decision Leaks To The Public

( – A recent leak originating from the Supreme Court regarding the fate of “Roe v. Wade,” a 1973 ruling that protects a woman’s decision to seek an abortion, has sparked controversy. There have been protests throughout the United States as a result. Now, the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, John Roberts, is asking for an investigation to discover the origin of the incident.

Politico originally reported on the leak, which was a draft opinion from Justice Samuel Alito. If the court were to publish it, the court would overturn “Roe v. Wade.” According to Fox News, the high court admitted the information was authentic as Chief Justice John Roberts strongly censured its release. The court also mentioned that what Politico received was nothing more than a draft, not a decision, noting they haven’t come to a conclusion yet.

Roberts released his own statement in accordance with the Supreme Court’s while also calling for the court’s Marshal to investigate the matter. Roberts hopes to find the source of the leak. The Chief Justice also asserted that the court wouldn’t feel any impact from the disclosure and would conduct business as usual, despite many people believing the leak was a political ploy to influence the court’s decision.

Roberts also explained, with emphasis, how rare these types of disclosures are, declaring the staff and employees are usually extremely loyal. Both parties are facing political fallout from this exposure, which indicates the conservative justices are ready to overturn “Roe v. Wade.”

If they do, it could spell trouble for Republicans looking to unseat Democrats in the midterm, as it would likely fire up the liberal base to go out and vote. For the Left, the leak puts pressure to pass legislation codifying abortion rights in the US. Either way, this decision could swing the midterms one way or another.

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