Supreme Court Justice Makes Historic Decision – It Finally Happened!

Kentaji Brown Jackson Makes First Supreme Court Dissent

Kentaji Brown Jackson Makes First Supreme Court Dissent

( – Supreme Court Justice Kentaji Brown Jackson submitted her first official dissent on November 7, when she and Justice Sonia Sotomayor both opposed an inmate’s denial for higher court review. The appeal came from Davel Chinn, currently on death row for aggravated murder, contending a disclosure issue led to his wrongful conviction.

An Ohio court convicted Chinn of killing 21-year-old Brian Jones in 1989. The key witness against him, his co-defendant, had an intellectual disability. Justice Jackson expressed that no one disputed the suppressed information — specifically, that Marvin Washington, the witness in question, might not have offered the most reliable testimony. The judge noted the jury didn’t consider Washington’s memory and limited ability to distinguish reality from fiction factors during the trial. She went on to state the court recognized that Washington’s testimony had been a deciding factor in Chinn’s conviction.

Justice Jackson reasoned she would allow the Sixth Circuit to review the case because “Chinn’s life is on the line,” coupled with the fact that the suppression of information likely led to the decision against him. At least four other SCOTUS members disagreed.

Justice Jackson became the newest member of the Supreme Court on June 30, after Justice Stephen Breyer retired. She’s currently one of three progressive members among a conservative-appointed majority.

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