Supreme Court Sees Popularity Fall in Recent Days, According to Polls

Supreme Court Sees Popularity Fall in Recent Days, According to Polls

( – For decades, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has been the most trusted of our nation’s three branches of government. It’s typically poised above the partisan fray as justices take on cases, hear them, and make rulings based on their judgment of the law and Constitution. However, the popularity of our nation’s highest court has fallen over the past few months; it seems partisanship is making its way back into the judicial branch.

On Tuesday, August 3, Marquette University Law School published a nationwide survey that was conducted from July 16-26 among 1,010 adults. The findings show that this summer, only 60% of Americans approve of how SCOTUS is “handling its job,” compared to a 66% positive rating that was taken in September 2020.

USA Today shared specifically how the GOP rated the high court’s decisions:

The 6% drop in approval rating was mostly from Republicans, who approved at a rate of 80% in September 2020 compared to the current approval rating shared above of only 57%.

A meager 33% of citizens approve of how Congress is doing its job. All in all, it’s clear that citizens are struggling with how our government is working and likely desire to see changes. So, expect to see a good turnout in the 2022 elections as Americans make their voice heard and influence politics all across our great nation.

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