Supreme Court to Decide on Fate of Obamacare

Supreme Court to Decide on Fate of Obamacare

( – On Monday, The US Supreme Court agreed to hear a Republican challenge to Obamacare. Over a dozen Republican-led states filed a lawsuit after the 2017 GOP in Congress passed tax reforms that included ending the health insurance mandate.

Republicans argued that the mandate was central to the Affordable Care Act. Since there’s no longer a required tax as argued by the Obama Administration before the Supreme Court in 2012, Republicans say the rest of the legislation does not work.

In December, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with a Texas federal judge that the law was unconstitutional. However, they did not rule on the entire law and sent it back to the lower court for further analysis.

Several Democratic state attorneys general and the Democratic majority House of Representatives were concerned the law could sit in limbo for years. So, they asked the Supreme Court to get involved in January.

The case will be heard in the fall and perhaps not even until after the November election.

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