Suspect Charged in Kidnapping Plot of Democrat Leader Gretchen Whitmer

Suspect Charged in Kidnapping Plot of Democrat Leader Gretchen Whitmer

( – In today’s polarized culture, there are extremist groups on all sides. A recent plot to storm the Michigan Capitol Building in Lansing and kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer by an extremist paramilitary group was thwarted by the FBI. Now, the group’s members face charges.

Thirteen Men Originally Charged

On October 6, the Michigan state court charged seven men of the extremist Wolverine Watchmen group with charges of providing support to terrorism and possessing a firearm while committing a felony. Another six men were charged by the federal government for their conspiracy to kidnap a state official, Governor Whitmer.

The men charged so far can be seen here, shared by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel:

The conspirators had multiple different tactics planned to execute their mission, and just one is highlighted below by POLITICO reporter Kyle Cheney:

Another Arrest Takes Place in Wisconsin

Brian Higgins surveyed Governor Whitmer’s home on August 29 with a mounted car dashcam. He also provided night-vision goggles to four other members of the group. On September 12, Higgins discussed bringing Whitmer to Wisconsin to stand “trial.”

On Thursday, October 15, Higgins was arrested in Wisconsin and authorities will extradite him to Michigan to stand trial. The others were also arrested via the teamwork of federal and local officials.

The Group Hoped to Start a Civil War

The plots created by the Wolverine Watchmen hoped to “instigate a civil war” according to Attorney General Nessel. No court dates have been set, but if convicted, the men could face sentences anywhere from a few years to life in jail, depending on the crime.

As our society divides itself on issues over freedom, lockdowns, and more, we must try to understand each other. When people become radicalized, nobody wins. Thankfully, our federal and state law enforcement were able to work together to stop this plot in its tracks.

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