Suspect in NYC Subway Shooting Turns Self In After 48 Hours

Suspect in NYC Subway Shooting Turns Self In After 48 Hours

New York Manhunt Comes To Unexpected End — Suspect At Large Apprehended

( – The subway system in New York City has been busy in more ways than one. The transportation system has seen several violent incidents in recent months, making New Yorkers wary of using the service. The most recent shooting to take place on the subway led to the shooter turning himself in after 48 hours.

What Happened?

Just before noon on May 22, a man pulled a gun and shot another man on the Q Train, as The New York Times (NYT) reported. According to the news outlet, 48-year-old Daniel Enriquez, a Goldman Sachs researcher, was heading to brunch with his brother when the assailant pulled a gun out and shot him in the chest one time. Emergency responders attempted to save the 48-year-old’s life but had no success.

Fox News revealed that witnesses recalled 25-year-old Andrew Abdullah “walking back and forth in the same train car” that Enriquez had chosen. They noted that Abdullah drew a handgun and shot the Goldman Sachs worker without provocation.

Slipping Away

The NYT report stated the 25-year-old used the chaos as a distraction to allow him to slip out of the train car and make his getaway. Abdullah handed the gun to a homeless man after reaching the street. The NYT added transit officers stopped the suspect just minutes after the shooting occurred in search of a man matching the description of Enriquez’s shooter. However, by that time, Abdullah had changed his appearance, which was enough for the two officers to allow him to leave.

Later authorities realized Abdullah was their suspect after reviewing security footage. Police released the suspect’s photograph to the public, launching a manhunt for Abdullah. Fox News mentioned it wasn’t long after when the 25-year-old gave himself up to police. Commissioner Keechant Sewell claimed Abdullah had no choice but to turn himself in, asserting the gunman “had nowhere left to run.”

Wrong Place Wrong Time

Abdullah’s attack on Enriquez was reportedly unprovoked, and authorities have yet to determine a motive. The Times mentioned the encounter between suspect and victim was simply a bad case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. According to the report, Enriquez hadn’t taken the train in nearly two years due to safety concerns. He had only just started riding the subway again recently, after taxi services like Uber and Lyft became more expensive. He truly was a victim of dark chance.

The shooting took place after many New Yorkers were already concerned for their safety on the subway. Less than two months ago, a man opened fire on a train car, injuring 23 people. In a separate incident, a woman died after someone shoved her onto the tracks near the Times Square Station. More frightening is that the trend of violent crime in America seems to be increasing at an alarming rate.

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