Sweden Rushes to Join NATO Alliance in Wake of Russian Violence

Sweden Rushes to Join NATO Alliance in Wake of Russian Violence

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Russia’s military action against Ukraine has caused a stir around the world. Countries such as Sweden and Finland, which have shown neutrality and non-military alignments during several wars and conflicts, are now looking to change their security policies. Both countries are talking about joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a move that would certainly anger an already frustrated Vladimir Putin.

Sweden is rushing to join NATO, with its Prime Minister, Magdalena Anderson, asserting it was Russia’s aggression that pushed her to seek out a membership. The expansion of the US-backed NATO largely contributed to Putin’s decision to attack Ukraine. It’s almost certain that Sweden’s decision to seek NATO membership will likely further infuriate the Russian President.

While Sweden expects to have everything in order to submit its application for membership toward the end of June, neighboring Finland, which shares a border with Russia, wants to have its application submitted in weeks, not months. Finland’s decision to join NATO influenced Sweden to do the same. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time Russia had tried to invade Finland, which it failed to do decades ago.

These countries are looking for protection, much like Ukraine did before Russia attacked. The question is whether or not Putin will retaliate. If so, what might his plan be?

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