Swedish Court Shuts Down Muslim Schools Over Radical Ideology

Swedish Court Shuts Down Muslim Schools Over Radical Ideology

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Two schools in Sweden have been shut down after the country’s Administrative Court pulled their permits. Security police have accused both facilities, one in Stockholm and the other in Uppsala, of radicalizing students and spreading Islamic ideology.

Breitbart News cited information from the Swedish news network SVT, declaring the Swedish Security Police (Sapo) warned of the possible radicalization of students attending the two schools. The Administrative Court concluded that the two institutions failed to meet suitability requirements set forth in the Swedish Education Act.

The country’s school inspectorate had previously requested the Administrative Court shut down the schools after hearing Sapo’s warning. Additionally, the institutions in Stockholm and Uppsala had connections to another school in Gothenburg, which had been under similar scrutiny. While the institutions no longer have their permits, they can stay open after submitting appeals to the Administrative Court.

According to a separate Breitbart report, SVT claimed that nearly three-quarters of Swedish citizens were in favor of banning most religious educational facilities, with 73% feeling all of them should go. Still, there has been some backlash over the potential to outlaw institutions based around Christianity, which some people feel teach different values than the schools causing concern.

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